Task Force refuses to give back Chiluba his shoes

Some of Chiluba' shoes grabbed by the Task Force

Some of Chiluba' shoes grabbed by the Task Force

The Task Force on corruption says it won’t hand back former president Fredrick Chiluba’s shoes and suits which they grabbed from him.

The Task Force grabbed Chiluba;s shoes and designer suits when it just started probing his presidency.

Chiluba was acquitted of all charges on Monday.

But Task Force Chairperson Marx Nkole has said that Task Force will hold on to Chiluba’s personal clothes despite the judgment that cleared him.

He said their decision to give back or not Chiluba’s clothes will depend on the registration of the London Judgment that find Chiluba liable.

Chiluba is currently fighting that the Zambian High court should not recognise the London judgment saying it is nimpoerialist and an encroachment on the independence of the Zambian judiciary.

And the Task Force says it is still consulting its lawyers on whether to appeal against the judgment that cleared Chiluba

Chiluba isd said to have owned more than 100 pairs of size 6 shoes, many affixed with his initials in brass.  Each pair has heels close to two inches high.

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