‘Tax avoidance and general abuse at Octopus security company’

  • Dear Editor,
    We are writing to you regarding the situation in “Octopus Security Company”, which proves that Zambian laws can be broken without consequences and punishment on and again using corruption, bribery and fraud.
    Though the list of law violations by the Company Managing Director, one Mr.Mike Bell is too long to be mentioned, some of them are listed hereby:
    1) The Company NEVER paid ANY Corporate Tax or Tax on Profit since being formed! Though it makes considerable profits, known to all employees (almost 200 of them!), costs are jacked up, moneys taken out of the country using his private account and taxes avoided!
    2) NAPSA contributions for ALL employees (exceeding K150,000 rebased) were embezzled last year by the company accountant with MD’s knowledge and assistance. Instead of protecting employees (and even arresting perpetrators), NAPSA took a soft position and nobody knows if the monies will EVER be paid to employees as everybody feels that M.D. may just declare bankruptcy and run away (with his pockets full).
    3) Harassment of employees along sexual and racial basis is a routine practice in the company. He pays few Police Officers to do dirty work for him and harass people in the company. He is even blackmailing a few former employees, forcing them to tell lies about their colleagues so that he can blackmail them as well! Theft and forgery, if done by his favored people are not a crime-if someone wants to involve the police, he is harassed and threatened!
    4) For many years, M.D. is refusing to comply with clear instructions from the Labor Office as ALL the salaries for security guards are LOWER THAN MINIMUM!! No food or transport allowances paid. Nobody seems to be able to make him comply with Labor Laws and meet MINIMUM requirements (in terms of salary, service conditions, payment of benefits) all of which he successfully avoided (making his personal pockets even more full).
    Apart from the fact that such inv(f)estors are not contributing at all to Zambian economy and development and are here to fill up their pockets and stomachs of the friends protecting them (Mr.A.Sichinga), they are introducing lawlessness, corruption, double standards, hypocrisy.. Watchdog, help us in uncovering them and making sure that their crimes do not stay unpunished.. Concerned citizen..

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