Dear Editor,

Please expose these criminal activities against the people of Zambia by the so called investors who have no regard at all for the Laws of the Land.

TMS Hospital has in the past years deducted payroll taxes without remitting the same to the Zambia Revenue Authority.

In October, 2020 TMS experienced a forced closure by Bailiffs sent by First Capital Bank to foreclose on the premises at No. 5 off Reedbuck Road in Kabulonga where they operated from as one of its directors and majority shareholder had mortgaged it in a loan transaction which he defaulted on.

Following this closure, TMS moved its operations to Plot No. 38110 Chipanama Road in Woodlands and have since registered a new business in the name of TMS Medical Services Limited TPIN 2581113854. In a bid to evade liabilities including payroll taxes, income taxes, NAPSA contributions, NHIMA contributions which were deducted from its employees for over the years as well as creditor outstanding amounts for various supplies accrued by TMS Hospital they have transferred all assets to TMS Medical Services Limited this includes Debtors, Vehicles and various Hospital Equipment without following winding up procedures.

In 2015, in the same manner they transferred assets of the then MKP Capital Zambia Limited TPIN 1002077151 to Merz Capital Zambia Limited TPIN 1003241168 after failing to resolve tax obligations owed to the Zambia Revenue Authority.

If you checked registration documents at PACRA, they will reveal that they are same shareholders and directors in TMS Hospital Limited, TMS Medical Services Limited, MKP Capital Zambia, Merz Capital Zambia Limited, Batimerz Zambia Limited TPIN 1003241106, NHA MKP Estates Development Limited TPIN 1001833902.

The Zambia Revenue Authority needs to move in and investigate these criminal activities being perpetrated by the so called investors are depriving the Government of the Republic of Zambia the much needed resources to develop our country and deliver quality social services to its people by dodging their tax obligations towards the People of Zambia.

Rex Jim Tembo

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