Tax evasion: is it duty of ministers to impound cars ?

Tax evasion: is it duty of ministers to impound cars ?

My Opinion

It is very shocking to see that many times, Ministers do not really understand their job descriptions, many times they go overboard and beyond their job description all in the vein of coming out as “Hard working” in the eyes of people.

On Wednesday, Minister if Home affairs Steven Kampyongo who is on the Copperbelt Visited Kasumbalesa boarder post, in the company of his Copperbelt counterpart Hon Mwakalombe, as they headed to the Boarder, the two ministers and their entourage came across DANGOTE cement Trucks loaded with Cement ready to be exported to Congo D.R.

The ministers stopped and confronted the drivers of the over 10 trucks parked at the road side offloading cement, when asked why they were offloading cement and loading into Congolese trucks, the drivers gave a simple and straightforward answer.

“ we are offloading from our trucks into Congolese trucks for security reasons, it is usually risky for us Zambian drivers to drive into Congo because we have had a lot of incidences of foreign truck drivers being robbed and attacked, so the Congolese drivers who are familiar with that situation are more comfortable with driving into their country with whatever goods”

This is a correct reason the drivers gave and it is a known fact that their is a huge security problem in the DRC, but even this simple straight forward explanation didn’t sit well with Hon Kampyongo and Hon Mwakalombe who immediately ordered for the over 10 trucks to be impounded for smuggling and handed over to the zambia revenue authority.

But wait SMUGGLING? How does this amount to smuggling? Because the cement In all the trucks was not under declared, the cement used the boarder to pass and according to the laws of zambia, their is no Tax for any goods being exported and are manufactured in zambia.

Those trucks have been impounded and detained illegally and now the owners will sue ZRA and it is on the high side that they will win the case because their is nothing wrong they did and after which this will turn out to be a huge embarrassment to government as it will not only lose the case but also lose huge sums of money in compensating the affected companies.

All issues to do with tax are managed by the Zambia revenue authority (ZRA) but how does a home affairs minister and provincial minister come into tax issues and impound vehicles which have not ran away from any tax, if at all they were to be charged, what offense would the be given ? I WONDER.


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