Tayali condemns churches for demanding constitution

Zambian Voice ‘director’ Chilufya Tayali has condemned the church for demanding the release of the draft constitution.
Tayali has been critical of the PF regime until he was arrested for rape a few months ago.
After being arrested, he started sneaking into State House to seek help from President Michael Sata to end his prosecution. He has now developed a system where he issues mixed statements but supporting PF on crucial matters.

Today he said the church should have a temperament that is above emotions and desist from being confrontational with the government.

Chilufya said this is in view of the position the Church has taken alongside opposition political parties and civil society organizations on the new constitution among other national issues. Imagine an NGO leader condemning churches for standing with NGOs?

Chilufta observed that unlike in the past when the Church played a reconciliatory role in resolving impasses between government and opposition political parties, the Church today appears to be on same level as the opposition and civil society by being confrontational with the government.

Chilufya Tayali said the Church should revert to its original role in the governance system of the country by following the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ who never resolved problems by being confrontational.

Tayali told Qfm News that being a Catholic Christian he believes the Catholic Church can do a great deal in sorting out the differences that surround the constitution making process without being confrontational with the government.

He particularly appealed to the Catholic Bishops to be mindful that they are not politicians to start being confrontation on the issue of the enactment of the new constitution.



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