Tayali refuses to be intimidated by police

Tayali refuses to be intimidated by police

Police in Ndola attempt  to block UPND Ndola Central Constituency Aspirant Frank Tayali’s truck banded in UPND colours.

Watch what happened.

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    Chipola Dauson Kuyanda 2 weeks ago

    The Police should keep away from politics and concentrate on their core duties prevention and detection of crime preservation of life and protection of property. In whose interest are they serving to prevent an aspiring candidate to drive a branded vehicle in Ndola central for would be voters attraction. We are seeing already in Lusaka vehicles branded in names of PF and aspiring candidates. You never know how the situation will be after 12th August 2021. Its like these fellows don’t learn others are crying for being over zealous in executing their duties on straight forward matters. Look and digest what happened at Capital Hill Trump gave wrong orders and the poor guys are being rounded up one by one. Every one aspiring for any position in our governance system should be given enough space to exercise their rights. In case you police don’t understand, this is the period when all hidden money is put into circulation by politicians from both the ruling and opposition, do you know how much money was pumped into branding that truck? We are all going to eat, dine and dance with them this time around. VIVA FRANK TAYALI

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    Kabwanga 2 weeks ago

    At least ba UPND are working with the “intelligent Tayali” and NOT the other one… That one is a Kabwanga like me

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    PF insults on HH are recorded 2 weeks ago

    Upon being ilegally sworn in, the first two countries ECL visited were Zimbabwe &, Uganda and it must not surprise anyone why Zambia has been following Zimbabwe & Uganda’s trajectory! Dictators like birds of the same furthers, also flock together! If God allows ECL to win 2021 elections which is NOT LIKELY, Zambians will continue with untold suffering under PF as the international community has been recording all human rights & electoral violations and heavy sanctions must be anticipated! But when UPND wins, Zambians shall liberate themselves from social & economic injustices!

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    Break News 2 weeks ago

    Uganda here we come
    U.N. officials warn prevailing political conditions in Uganda are stacked against the likelihood of free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections later this week.
    The lead-up to Uganda’s national elections has been marred by increasing violence, numerous human rights violations, and restrictions imposed on opposition candidates and supporters.
    Spokeswoman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Ravina Shamdasani says the deteriorating human rights situation in the country is likely to discourage people from voting. This, she says raises the prospect of continued unrest after the election.
    “Numerous human rights violations have been reported, including of the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and participation, as well as arbitrary deprivation of life, arbitrary arrest and detention, and torture. … Indeed, harassment, ill-treatment, arbitrary arrests and detention of opposition candidates and supporters have been worrying developments during the electoral campaign.”she said.