Tayali still in police detention

Tayali still in police detention

So, even Chilufya Tayali’ s offence is non-bailable? How can unbaptised Edgar Lungu who, though thinks he is more Christian than Jesus keep dozens of innocent citizens in jail then go to church?

What makes Lungu think that he can rule Zambia by force when KK failed eventually? It is wishful thinking that you can silence Zambia by using brutal force. It will fail, in due course and when history is written, it will be Lungu on the wrong side.

Why should Tayali be kept in cells over a charge of libel? Has he been proved guilty already or it is the usual case of punishing people using pre-trial detention knowing very well that the person is innocent and will be released once taken to court? Do people like Kakoma Kanganja know that there time is coming?

Where did the police get this idea that a suspect can not be released during the weekend? Is there such a law in our constitution or any statute? Is this not just abuse of police powers? We don’t believe that there is such a law in Zambia that states that no person shall be released during the weekend or public holiday. We believe the police just started this practice then over time started thinking that it is the actual law. It’s not. It’s unconstitutional and illegal. It should be challenged in the courts of law, though unfortunately Zambian courts are not independent of the PF.

If the police can not give police bond over the weekend, they should not arrest people over the weekend.

We understand your anger and bitterness against HH for questioning your illegitimacy and failure to develop the country but surely what threat does kakoko Tayali pose to you?

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