Tazara workers not paid for past 3 months

Workers at the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) have gone for three months without pay as a result of the company which is reportedly facing operational problems. The workers have complained that their life is hard as they are unable to send their children to school due to lack of funds.
Sources within management disclosed to the Zambian watchdog that the morale among workers in the Zambia and Tanzania jointly owned railway company is low and most qualified persons are resigning, thereby leaving vital positions to be filled by less qualified persons, to the detriment of the company.
“For us to pay salaries, we have to run at least 9 trains but now we are only running two goods trains and 1 passenger train, for this reason we have failed to pay the workers on time, we owe them from October 2012 but we have so far started paying the October though it is in bits,” said the source.
The source further accused the Tanzanian government of deliberately suffocating the railway company due to their high preference for road haulage. The Zambian government has been called upon to engage their Tanzanian counterparts if the rail industry is to be saved from total collapse.

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