Workers threaten to paralyse Tazara operations

Workers threaten to paralyse Tazara operations

tazara-trainUnionised workers at the Tanzania Zambia Railways Authority – TAZARA have threatened to paralyse train movements by going on strike if management does not implement the 2009 agreement of paying the workers’ salaries in dollar equivalent. The company is jointly owned by the Tanzanian and Zambian governments but there has been more problems on the Zambian side than on Tanzania.

The workers staged a sit in protest today and demanded to be addressed by senior government officials. Kapiri Mposhi district commissioner Peter Mwiinde pleaded with the workers to get back to work as management was looking into their plight.

But the workers were angered by Mwiinde’s comments that the matter was purely management and had nothing to do with his government. They irate workers argued that the shareholding was between two governments and as such it was illogical for the DC to dissociate government.

Kapiri Mposhi branch chairman of the Workers Union of Tazara – WUTAZ Joachim Mulenga told the media that the dollar rate agreement was signed in 2009 when the dollar was equivalent to K4.70 but has remained static even after the dollar had risen astronomically.

He demanded that before they could consider an increment, the salaries must first be put at K10.00 per dollar and management has been given up to this month-end to implement the demand.

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