‘TB Joshua never said there will be blood shed in Zambia’

‘TB Joshua never said there will be blood shed in Zambia’

INTERNATIONAL Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) president Bishop Simon Chihana has disputed rumours that renowned Nigerian pastor  T.B. Joshua has prophesied bloodshed in Zambia after tomorrow’s tripartite elections.

Speaking at a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Bishop Chihana also disputed allegations that Bishop T.B. Joshua had prophesied that an opposition leader would take over the leadership in Zambia. Bishop Chihana said Bishop T.B. Joshua in his programe yesterday said he never prophesied bloodshed or new leadership in Zambia but only asked for intensified prayers as the country went to the polls tomorrow.

He condemned the perpetrators of the rumour saying they were bent on inciting violence among the people of  Zambia. He, however, said Zambia was a Christian nation with peaceful people who would not engage in any form of violence. IFCC vice-president Jack Musumba echoed Bishop Chihana’s sentiments that Pastor T.B Joshua had refuted the rumour that he had prophesied
doom for Zambia.

“Here in Lusaka the rumour was so bad such that people went round buying things in bulk because they thought there would be bloodshed after the election. People need to know that there will be no bloodshed, Zambia is a Christian nation and people have been praying for peace,” Bishop Musumba said. He said it was the tricks of  the devil to unnecessarily instill fear in innocent Zambians but that  God would not allow it.

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