TB Joshua claims he propheseid Boston marathon bombs

The SCOAN Ministries have released a video that they claim shows how prophet TB Joshua prophesied the Boston marathon bombing.

Pray and fast for America on Monday
There will be flames
Something will be roaming around, wandering in a city in the United States (the Lord will subdue)
American Homeland security should be tight, tight, tight.
There will be bombings
Homeland security is very important
Large gatherings should be avoided or well secured
There will be massacres

Watch video here


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    Geoffrey Ngulube 4 years

    I am dismayed with the words used in the story “claims that he predicted” As a Christian that is called a Prophecy.The whole connectionfrom the time the Man of God spoke about it and to the run up to the actual bombings, it makes a lot of sense. It was a prophesy OK. If you want to know more about TB Joshua take enough time and watch emmanuel tv. You will surerly have to confess your sins. I thought you just hate Michael Sata, so you hate TB Joshua also. God should deliver you sir. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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    lucy 5 years

    whether TB joshua is a man of God or not who are u to condemn,leave every thing to God and follow wat the bible says,even Jesus was denied in his own land.

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    Zambians too dullo.thats why chinese apoka nchito in your own country.read the bible carefully.

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    john simwawa 5 years

    only christian who believe in probhecy can understand the Man of God TB Joshua