TB Joshua’s church claims he prophesied Zambia would win AFCON

A video is circulating on the internet with claims that Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua accurately predicted that Zambia will beat Ivory Coast to lift the Africa Cup of Nations .

According to the video, Josuaa prophesied that Didier Drogba’s will miss the penalty.  The ‘prophesy’ was made just a few  hours before the match began. The video is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mmbpPInYaE

The Video footage posted by The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria on YouTube shows T.B. Joshua purportedly talking on Sunday 12th February 2012, several hours before the match between Zambia and Ivory Coast was due to start.

Below is the transcript of what Joshua is saying in the video:

“I know you have a game now which you want to watch.

Today is the final and you want me to talk about it. The game has been played before today and people like me have already watched the game. You know as a believer, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..

Sometimes when God gives you a blessing and you’re not ready to take it, you may take it any other day.

Yes, this blessing is for a country you are not expecting; this victory is for a country you are not expecting.”

“God wants to make them happy because of the victims of what happened to them in the past. Yes, this is joy; everybody will celebrate. That will make them forget about the past record of what happened to the same country… This is a day of forgetting, and dancing!”

“God showed me the first and second halves. In the second half at 25 minutes there is a mistake… Even if you have the opportunity to enter the television where they are playing, you would enter and flog the player, ‘Why didn’t you score this thing?’ ” You will face the goalkeeper and play it out, over the bar. Face to face with the goalkeeper and you now play it outside. Is that not a big mistake? That is the goal that would have given you the Cup. Now, it is taken to the other side. but in the 2nd half I think some corrections can be made, but I don’t know how will you make these corrections but a mistake comes.
Thank you…”



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