Teacher recruitment mockery 2017

It is really sad to see how this beloved country has backslidden on the fight on corruption. One area that has deep roots in corruption is the ministry of general education especially with the current Permanent secretary Henry Tukombe.
The recent teacher recruitment of 3000 candidates out of about 60000 applicants is a living testimony of deep corruption in the ministry. The actual teacher recruitment was done some 2 months ago by the known ministry of general education officials headed by Assistant director for Human Resource, Musonda Kapulo who was collecting a sum of not less than K7, 500.00 from the applicants in order to recruit them. These officials had set a team f agents who where collecting the money and who eventually surrendered the money to one official who is believed to have been working on instructions from the big boss from this ministry.
(i) Many candidates who completed their courses in as far as 2012 and 2013 but have not been deployed instead they opted to deploy many who just graduated this year and last year.
(ii) It is also a fact that many senior government officials’ relatives’ names were submitted to the ministry officials who have been since deployed.
Let the anti corruption halt the deployment of the teachers till when the investigate the matter in the interest of many poor Zambians
Teachers and other educationists have made several complaints about the ministry’s permanent secretary involvement in corrupt plasticises but has landed on deaf ears because it seems President Lungu is in support of him.
We miss the times of late president, Levy Mwanawasa who took a tough stand against corruption.

Concerned Educationist

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