Teacher recruitment scam: students included on the list

While many other people were left out of the recent teacher recruitment exercise, some of the people to be deployed are in fact college and university students in their final year. The students are connected to some big fish in the PF government.

Sources from the human resources directorate at the ministry of education have disclosed that about 300 candidates have been discovered to be students who are still in colleges and universities but it is hoped that by the time they are deployed next year, they will have completed their course. It is however feared that the said applicants may not pass the exams but will still be deployed.

“When we started scrutinising the full list, checking the certificates numbers it was found that some people didn’t have the certificates. We raised concern to superiors but again the same names came through, they were imposed on us with some comments. Let the minister come out clear on this one,” said the source who has also promised to avail us with the list of the said names.

Last week we reported that due to lack of finances, only about 450 teachers will be put on payroll and ironically, all the bogus recruited teachers are the ones being put on the pay roll with a few lucky others. The rest will have to depend on goodwill from the boards and PTA committees of the schools they will be posted to until government secures money for them.

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