Teacher recruitment

Every day, we receive at least 10 emails or facebook messages asking us when the government will deploy or recruit teachers. The answer, from what we can see and have been reporting is that the PF government has no money for that. There will be no real recruitment. The government only has money to hire jets for president Lungu and to waste on shifting state house to Kitwe and other wasteful experiments such as hiring people from America to come and lead prayers. The country is in a total mess due to lack of leadership. Wait and see if Lungu will achieve anything from his wasteful trip to Kitwe.

Just like they failed to recruit in the military, the PF will just make a mockery of recruitment. That is all we know. Remember president Lungu promised to create 500 000 jobs by 2016? What is the date today and how many has he created so far?

President Lungu does not seem to know what he is doing.

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