Teachers ditch ZNUT, SESTUZ

Over 100 teachers from the Zambia Union of Teachers (ZNUT), Secondary School Teachers Union (SESTUZ), and the Basic Teachers Union (BETUZ),have resigned from their teacher unions to join the newly formed Professional Teachers’ Union of Zambia (PTUZ).

Representative of the over 100 teachers, Paul Kamwendo, says teachers have decided to join PTUZ due to poor management and representation from their former unions.

Mr. Kamwendo accused the three unions of been incompetent to represent teachers’ views and interests after signing for a 15 percent salary increment without the approve of the teachers.

He added that BETUZ is also operating illegally as it changed its constitution without the consent of the labour commissioner.

Mr. Kamwendo further alleged that the three unions have deviated their attention from attending to matters affecting teachers and are rather fighting the PTUZ and have also concentrated on court issues using teacher’s contributions.

He further wondered why the Lusaka District Education Board Secretary is stoping them from deduction from the three teacher unions.

He noted that the move was undermining their right to belong or not to belong to a union of their choice as stated by the industrial and labour relations Act.

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