Teachers had no money on Christmas-union

The Secondary School Teachers’ Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) has expressed concern and disappointment over the delay in the payment of December 2009 salaries and other related allowances to its members.

SESTUZ Deputy General Secretary Emmanuel Zulu says his members have gone through hard times during the festive period because they had no money.

Mr. Zulu said in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today that it was discouraging to wish teachers a happy festive season when they did not have money.

“Teachers have passed through the festive period of Christmas and New Year on very empty stomachs considering that their meager pay ran out many weeks ago and wishing them a merry a Christmas and a happy New Year has being a mockery”, he said.

He said teachers, who stay in rented houses, are already being harassed by their landlords because they have not yet paid their rentals.

Mr. Zulu said the absence of any timely explanation for the delay by government makes teachers feel extremely neglected.

He urged government to expedite the payment of salaries and related allowances to all teachers in order to avoid poor preparations for the first term of the 2010 school calendar.

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