Teachers in Chipata are suffering

Teachers in Chipata are suffering


Morning Zambia watchdog.

In April 2021 I went to one of the money lending institutions to get a salary advance. Upon checking my credit record it was discovered that I owe Jumo a K519 and was put up on CRB, of which I wasn’t aware myself. After visiting Jumo I was advised that an MTN Zambia number +260 96889596 registered under my NRC was used to borrow the money, so I need to contact MTN to resolve the issue because this number is off. I visited MTN Head Offices on Zambezi road and there preliminary investigation showed that the NRC is mine but the names under which the number is registered are different so they need to do more investigations. I offered to pay the money, clear my NRC from CRB and throw away my MTN since it’s not safe to be on their network. They refused saying the payment can only be done once that number is on.

To my displeasure since May 2021 MTN has been quiet on this issue. I have visited there Head Office twice and the staff look very unconcerned because according to them, they don’t even know what is involved in the investigation process so I just have to wait because I am not the only one with such a complaint. People travel long distances because of this and I am lucky for being from within Lusaka. I requested to speak to someone more superior I was told they are home due to Covid-19.

My fellow Zambians, after being an MTN customer for more than a decade I didn’t expect such treatment. I have been inconvenienced by this but they don’t even care.

Please help me inform my fellow Zambians how dangerous it is to be on MTN. You

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