Teachers’ money diverted to bribe Chiefs

The teachers that marked G9 & G12 exams last year have not yet been paid their monies. Millions of kwachas are being owed to the teachers that took part in the exercise. For two years now teachers haven’t been given their allowances for marking exams.
What is more annoying is that this government has diverted its attention and has gone ahead in briefly increasing chiefs salaries so as to blackmail them & use them as campaign tools in their chiefdoms. The chiefs are wise and are already aware of Pf plans of using them.
We are very much aware of the ploy to remove chiefs salary increment after 11 August if PF is to continue as government. This is all because they don’t have the money to continue paying increased chiefs salaries.
The money they borrowed to clear teachers who marked G9 and G12 exams has been diverted to chiefs by the PF. The PF government is using teachers money to campaign by paying chiefs so as to have them campaign for them in the rural.
We demand payment of the owed allowances by the government to teachers if at all it’s not true that they have diverted their money to campaign through increments of chiefs salaries.
UPND government will pay the teachers that marked the exams in the same month of August if at all PF fails to pay them now since they have already prioritized chiefs who didn’t work for the money forgetting and neglecting the teachers that worked for the money.
To all the teachers out there being owed by government, expect better things after 11th August 2016. UPND government will control the situation. PF has failed everyone.
Kenny Ng’ona
UPND Chipili Constituency
Parliamentary Candidate

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