Teachers on Copperbelt complain of delay in salaries

Teachers on the Copperbelt province have complained about the delayed issuance of their payslips by the PF government.
 Copperbelt province Zambia National Union of Teachers(ZNUT) chairman David Siamutwa said teachers were not happy with the tendency of government issuing payslips late.
“Government should facilitate the issuance of payslips on time, before salaries are drawn, we also want to tell government that responsibility and double class allowances are paid,” Mr Siamutwa said.
Mr Siamutwa said that his union has also rejected the idea that retirement age should be moved from 55 to 65.
“As a union we totally reject that idea, the retirement age should just remain at 55,” he said.
Meanwhile some ZNUT members who spoke on condition of anonymity said they are disappointed with the manner the PF government was running the affairs of the country.
“We had hope in this government, but they have totally disappointed us, it is my hope they will change the style of doing things before it is too late, this government has no respect the wishes of the people,” said the teacher.

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