‘Team Lungu’ plans bloodshed at convention, mother Malawian

‘Team Lungu’ plans bloodshed at convention, mother Malawian

There will be bloodshed at the PF general conference this weekend if Edgar Lungu will lose the election.

And it has been established that Edgar Lungu’s mother was Malawian and that she was the elder sister to Margaret Sata, the mother to Mulenga Sata.

This is what acting president Guy Scott was referring to when he said that some candidates on the PF list do not qualify to run for republican presidency.

Recently, both Lungu and Mulenga issued statements that their mothers were born in Kitwe. The truth is that both women just settled in Kitwe but were from Malawi.

Judge Lovemore Chikopa, the Malawian gentleman late president Michael Sata hired to preside over the ill-fated tribunal of judges, is the younger brother to Mulenga and Lungu’s mothers. Chikopa is the blood uncle to Lungu and Mulenga.

A few weeks ago, the OP ‘interviewed’ Lungu’s aunty based in Petauke, among others, to establish the truth.

It is feared that even if Lungu wins at the PF conference, he maybe blocked at the nomination stage due to the parentage law.

Mulenga sata withdrew from the contest for many reasons but he may have realized that when his parentage is challenged in court, he will lose.

Mulenga sata issued a statement that he decided to withdraw from contesting after consulting his biological mother and stepmother Kaseba. Interesting, Mulenga withdrew just a day after he sued the PF and attorney general on the question of his parentage. Mulenga had wanted the court to declare that he qualifies to stand as both his parents were Zambians. The next day, he withdrew from the race.

Informed sources told the Watchdog that Mulenga withdrew after his biological mother told him to do so as she did not want to be questioned in court. She lives in Zambia and so she was going to be summoned as witness. After all, its her, not Mulenga, who knows the whole truth.

But Edgar Lungu plans to push to the bitter end.

His method is now based on violence. It will start at the convention in Kabwe if he loses.

Hundreds of pangas (machetes) have been imported from China by Willie Nsanda while other weapons have been made in Lusaka compounds for the operation.

Lungu’s supporters are being transported to Kabwe and accommodated in various places with instruction to go to the venue at the appropriate time. They will be used to intimidate and where necessary hack supporters of other candidates.

Worse, the Watchdog has been informed, Home Affairs minister Ngosa Simbyakula, a key supporter of Lungu, has infused cadres in the police selected to manage the convention.

Police sources told the Watchdog that the presence of the police there is no guarantee of security as ‘they have been infiltrated by Lungu’s panga thugs’ through Sinbyakula.

Police sources advise that to guarantee the security of other candidates and their supporters, acting president Guy Scott must be involved in the selection of the police officers or should even defer the conference.

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