Tech changed travel – here is how!

Tech changed travel – here is how!

You might not think about it every day but life has changed a fair bit since the 1990s. We aren’t used to delays when it comes to travel. We aren’t used to delays when it comes to communication. And we aren’t used to delays when it comes to getting the work done.

It wasn’t so before. Not long ago, the journey that now takes few hours today used to take days.

The Effects of Technology Today

Technology has made an enormous impact on our daily life. It is pretty clear that travelling is no exception. Here are the five ways in which tech has changed the way we travel.

Getting tickets: you no longer need to get into a queue at railway stations or airports. Online ticketing and especially mobile apps have reduced to a matter of seconds the time it takes to buy a ticket. Furthermore, many public transport systems have been upgraded to utilize the latest technology.

You are spared from the hassle of paying in cash and queuing for the tickets. The flight and train tickets can be saved in the smart device and produced when required. The need for paper print-outs has been almost eliminated.

Many countries also have a bus and train card that you can swipe at the entrance. It automatically deducts balance from that card.

Getting cabs: apart from the longer-distance transport options like planes, trains and buses, have you ever given a thought to how much services like Uber have revolutionized your local travels?

You no longer need to worry about the local taxi. All you need to do is book a cab. The Uber software itself pins your current location and sends a cab within 15 minutes.

Keeping in touch: at a time when there were no mobile phones, if you had to travel, your family had to wait for you to reach the destination and then get a call from you.

But with mobile phones and extensively spread network operators, you can keep your family in the loop. You can even video chat with them while you travel. Planning to go on a solo trip? Give a Skype or WhatsApp call to your family from the most beautiful spot you discover. Share new places with your family even while being away from them.

Packing less: in the old days, you might have packed at least 3-4 novels for reducing the monotony of your journey. But with Kindle e-books available, all you need to do is carry your kindle or a smartphone with the Kindle app. You can enjoy as many novels you wish.

And, if you are going on a vacation, you can know more about that place without even carrying a single book. You can also enjoy the music while travelling.

No more getting lost: with Google Maps guiding your way anywhere you go, you are at no risk of getting lost, no matter how unknown city you are in. You can always find your way.

How do you think tech has eased travel? And which one of the following benefits would you miss the most? Do let us know.

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