Technical staff at Airtel to lose jobs soon

I wish to inform the general public about what is about to happen at Airtel Zambia technical dept which is managed by NSN India.

NSN has completed making remote connections all the critical network nodes on Airtel Zambia Network to Bombay in India and have already employed Indians in India,these will be doing the same jobs that are done by Zambians in Zambia in the NOC dept, Transmission as well as Network performance dept.

This will mean that Zambians in the affected departments will be rendered useless and therefore in the name of restructuring they are planning to lay off zambians but will employ people in India to be performing the same jobs remotely.

Not only workers will be affected but also the Govt in such a way that Govt will not be collecting PAYE(Tax) from Indians managing Zambia’s airtel as they do to Zambians currently working there. Furthermore The company will be externalizing most of the profits made in Zambia and a lot of it will be benefiting the Indians in India.

NSN is planning to be through with the retrenchment program by October.

My wish is for the Government to intervene in this inhumane behavior and plans by Indians running Zambia’s NSN because a lot of qualified Zambian Engineers will be jobless as opposed to the PF policy of job creation. please help save Zambians from ruthless investors.

Concerned NSN employee.

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