Teen jailed 10 years for smoking marijuana

Teen jailed 10 years for smoking marijuana

Ndola High Judge sentences 19 year old girl to 10 years for smoking Marijuana

The Ndola High Court has sentenced a 19-year-old girl to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour, for smoking marijuana.

High Court Judge Yvonne Chembe sentenced Mutika Mungwila to a ten-year jail term as part of her reformation.

Mungwila was convicted by the Ndola Magistrate Court for trafficking in psychotropic substances and committed to the High Court for sentencing.

When the matter came up for sentencing, the Prosecutor from Legal Aid Board representing Mungwila, Kateule Chitupila told the court that her client was mentally unwell which resulted in smoking marijuana, adding that she needed to be examined by a medical doctor before being sentenced.

However, Judge Chembe did not entertain the application but instead dismissed it and described it as irregular, noting that the issue of Mungwila being insane did not arise during the trial at the lower court.

The court stressed that Mungwila was able to prosecute her defense during trial, and the mother who was the main witness did not bring out the issue.

Judge Chembe sentenced Mungwila to 10-years imprisonment with hard labour because she is a second offender.

She said Mungwila was convicted and sentenced to a month jail term in January this year, but upon release from prison, she was re-convicted with the same offence.

“It is sad that a girl like you cannot give up on marijuana, the law will help you reform. By the time you leave the correctional facility you will change. “Judge Chembe said.

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