Tele teaching will only benefit few privileged children

Tele teaching will only benefit few privileged children

Only children from private schools and some from established secondary and Stem Schools will benefit. Why? Because of their competencies especially in the language of instruction(English Language) The majority of pupils in rural areas and most secondary schools need pampering, monitoring, elaborate explaining, hands on pupil centered activities, questioning and feedback, remedial and drilling, catch up. Real teachers will attest to what they go through to make pupils who got 600marks at Grade 7 and those who got 240 at Grade 9 incompete in exams with those who got above 400marks. The struggle is real.

The economy does not allow children from broken and poverty stricken homes to watch Television. These pupils are the majority, child headed homes, orphans, impoverished these run the show to put food on their tables, tables, which tables? Never mind it is just a figure of speech. They sell anything you see around day and night. They scavenge, they beg on the streets and Television is just but a gadget for the rich. On the other hand, the children of the rich, well to do and those who strain and compete with the well to do, bozifakapo, have all the time to watch TV, have smartphones, laptops and some solar or gensets in case of loadsheding. Talking of loadsheding, some pupils in remote parts of Zambia live in darkness and their families don’t even know what ZESCO is.

I hope the MOGE has not forgotten the aspect of Inclusive education on this TELE-TEACHING. Learners from different social, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds should access quality and equitable education. Learners with different learning abilities, the blind, the deaf, slow learners, partial sighted, down syndrome, you name it, they have to benefit as well.

MOGE has to look at a number of things and involve well meaning stakeholders inorder to make TELE-TEACHING a success.

( My Opinion) Richard Shimpundu Muvwanga.

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