Tell your Kabimba to stay away from Muchinga province, chief tells Sata

Chief Chimbuka of the Bemba people in Chinsali district has told ailing dictator Michael Sata to abandon his intention to anoint rejected PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba as successor to the party and republican Presidency. The chief has since banned Kabimba from entering Muchinga province and threatened to resign and decampaign the PF if his warning is not taken.

The chief said if Kabimba does not heed his ban, the people of the province will be more than ready to invoke the rebellion politics of the late legendary politician Simon Kapwepwe who also hailed from the same area.

The traditional leader also condemned Kabimba’s slogan of ‘Aleisa, Aleisa (he is coming, he is coming)’ that is being used by Kabimba’s supporters. He further said unless President Sata acts appropriately and fires Kabimba whom he says has destroyed the PF, the party was headed for doom in Zambia.

Chief Chimbuka outlined that Kabimba was a political failure who has never won any election and was only benefitting from appointments and said some section of the media were geared to help Kabimba get the Presidency. Sata, who hails from Tanzania claims Muchinga is his homeland on the Zambian side.

And the Zambian Watchdog has uncovered a plan that has been hatched by Fred Mmembe to have Kabimba succeed Sata in the event of him dying, we are still verifying the key players in this formula dubbed K 4 S and will soon unveil it to the readers.

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