Tembo demands resignation of compromised DEC CEO

Tembo demands resignation of compromised DEC CEO

Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo has demanded the immediate resignation of Drug Enforcement Commission boss Alita Mbahwe for openly attacking the Financial Intelligence Center over the recently published trends report.

Tembo says Ms. Mbahwe is no longer a fit and proper person to continue occupying such a coveted position in the context of the criminal justice system of this nation.

Mr. Tembo who is saddened with the recent attacks on the Financial Intelligence Center by the Drug Enforcement Commission over the recently released trends report says such attacks by one state institution against another is retrogressive to the standing of the nation in the eyes of the international community, and gives a perception that there is a disorganized Government in office that is unable to coordinate its own state institutions.

Mr. Tembo said the Trends Reports published by the Zambian FIC are similar in detail and content to Trends Reports published by other countries in the region and overseas.

He said the attacks therefore, made by the Director General of DEC against the Financial Intelligence Centre do not only lack merit but are probably laced with malice also.

Mr. Tembo noted that if the DEC Director General had genuine concerns against the operations of the Financial Intelligence Centre, she should have had the presence of mind to engage FIC in confidence and seek to iron out those concerns.He said the action of convening a press briefing just for the sole purpose of assaulting the integrity and standing of a fellow state institution can only come from a person that is either compromised by those mentioned in the FIC Report, or someone who lacks a sense of judgement requisite of a person holding a position as important as that of Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission.

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