Ten plus reasons why I can’t vote for PF

1- The price of 25kg bag of mealie meal was k35 in just 3 years due to removal of subsidies it’s now k75 -k95
2-Removal of fuel subsidies resulted in 1litre of petrol costing K10.68 from initial K8.65
3-Fuel prices have reduced by 20% globally, however no reduction has been done here
4-As a result of fuel increase, transport cost increased. It used to be K60 from Kitwe to Lusaka, now K85,to move from Chelston to town was K3.5. Now it’s K5.5
5- General increase in the cost of living: sugar, tomato, cooking oil, etc are 20-50% more expensive than 3 years ago
6- As a consequence rentals have increased marginally, a decent 3 bedroom house in Lusaka will cost you no less k3000
7- Inspite of all this, government effected a recruitment freeze and wage freeze in GRZ, amid high unemployment
8-Failure to enact the constitution in spite of huge sums spent on the process
9-Failure to control vendors resulting in Lusaka been labelled the filthiest capital city
10- Failure to send farmer input support in time
11- Failure in paying farmers in time for supplied maize
12- High cost of borrowing, minimum 30% interest on loans 3 years ago interest was 16.5%
13- Exchange rate instability, at one point 1$ – k7.2, 3 years ago 1$- k4.2 now it’s 1$-k6.4
14-Firing of nurses in an already crippled health sector
15- Interference with chiefs selection process #Chitimukulu of the Bemba
16-Lack of essential drugs and medical supplies in hospitals

Steven Mwape – Kumz

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