Ten reasons PF doesn’t want to remember


How can a political party recover from such transgressions? Kaya

1. Bill 10 was act of desperation created by thieves to consolidate power and how it reduced their focus to resuscitate the economy is what costed them.

2. Police brutality highlighted by the death of Vespers which was as painful as a stab in the heart of this nation.

3. Infiltration of the police with death squads highlighted by the killing of Joseph and Nsama, affirmed the belief that Zambia was on the Uganda trajectory.

4. Corruption and impunity that was confirmed by the mouth of Edgar Lungu himself proved that Lungu was weak and enabling theft.

5. Tribalism that was confirmed by state sponsored messenger of division Chishimba Kambwili, was proof that division was a PF weapon to rule.

6. Discrimination in the civil service and government support programmes angered the youth who were desperate for opportunities.

7. Torture of HH and others on trumped up treason charges, is the side of Lungu most of his supporters worked hard to overlook. The side of a tyranny.

8. The rogue political agenda based on tribal supremacy for two regions, angered mostly senior citizens who appreciate the legacy of the Choma declaration

9. Gas attack terror inflicted on citizens with no accountability by police or President, proved that PF had no respect for Zambian lives

10. The arrogance of PF leadership and members who became first class citizens with better service than the rest. What is worse is that they have not even repented and don’t intend to.

Richard W

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    Derrick Banda 2 weeks ago

    PF must apologise simple!

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    Happy 2 weeks ago

    People must learn to apologize ndye umuntu Zambia is for all. I pray for every Zambian to repent and seek the kingdom of God.

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    Bally and the UPND government are telling us the corruption fight is not targeted at people belonging to certain tribes. But let us look at the names of ring leaders demanding the lifting of President Edgar Lungu’s immunity before any charges are laid against him. There is Former UPND Presidential campaign team member Beene Hachoomba who is from Southern Province. Then there is also UPND Lusaka District Information and Publicity Secretary Matomola Likwanya who is from what looks like Northwestern Province. The two are from UPND stronghold provinces with tribes to which they belong. So, how can Bally and UPND say the corruption fight is not tribal when the jury and judges in the court of public opinion are from tribes belonging to UPND strongholds?

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    11 1500 Teachers with fake appointment Letters
    12 Giving People Expired Drugs
    they can even been 1000 reasons

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    Chipola Kuyanda 2 weeks ago

    Actually was surrounded by traitors who exploited his I don’t care attitude to their advantage. They cadres used to praise and hero worship him while on the hand they seriously committing all sorts of crimes. I don’t why the intelligence community could not advise or he simply ignored. However in any grouping people make mistakes but ya ba Once Mighty PF was just beyond common understanding and even to this day they have no shame to defend themselves instead of being apologetic. This save a lesson to the UPND leadership they may head same way if they don’t listen to concerns being raised by the masses.