Teta believes most Chalala houses were built using stolen money

Local Government and Housing Minister Benny Tetamashimba believes that most houses in Chalala residential area were built using plundered resources.

Chalala is a posh residential area in Lusaka. It has some of the biggest and most expensive houses in Zambia.
Mr. Tetamashimba says there is need for all government ministries to be investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in order to asses the levels of corruption.

“I do believe that some of those beautiful houses in Chalala area are out of corruption which tells me that there is too much corruption and the need for all government ministries to be investigated,” he noted.

Mr. Tetamashimba said the exposure of the corrupt practices in the Ministry of Health would not have been possible if President Rupiah Banda was not committed to fighting corruption.

“The corruption that has been exposed in the MOH is as a result of the president’s commitment towards the fight against corruption,” he said.

He has since called on media organizations to have a column that would highlight corruption in the country.

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