Thandiwe advocates women empowerment from DRC

Thandi in Los Angeles, California in April

Thandi in Los Angeles, California in April

First Lady Thandiwe Banda says there is need for women across Africa to be motivated and encouraged in their pursuit of contributing to their respective countries’ development.

Mrs Banda said women need to be empowered through their various visions and aspirations.

The First Lady said over the years most women in Africa from young age have been suppressed by traditional settings where only boys are allowed to go to school and only men are made to take up major jobs.

She said women need help from every one to realize their personal worth and have a fitting sense of self-esteem adding that every women has divinely endowed gifts and talents which could only bear fruits if women are given the necessarily support they deserve.

The First Lady said this today when she addressed the black women’s third congress in in the D.R Congo capital of Kinshasa.

She added that various stakeholders across the continent are in better positions that can influence and play a meaningful role to motivate and also economically empower the many women who are in vulnerable or poor conditions.

Ms Banda said once a woman toiling in isolation is motivated, inspired and encouraged the benefits are numerous as doing so has a positive impact on the entire generation of children and the nation at large.

Meanwhile the First Lady has called on organizations to provide women with the necessary information patterning to careers, health, training opportunities, business development opportunities and access to land ownership and markets.

She said information is important for the women across Africa to help them make informed decisions in their endeavor to improving their livelihood and consequently contributing to national development.

And the first Lady has urged women in Africa to emerge with others in advancing their pursuits be it in business, farming tie and dye production to gain more knowledge in running their businesses.

The meeting commenced on November 28 and is expected to finish on December 3rd.

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