Thank RB for appointinng me veep-Kunda tells tribesmen

Vice President George Kunda says the Government of President Rupiah Banda will continue upholding national peace because this is the foundation of national development.

And Mr. Kunda says President Banda’s Government is national in character because it has representation from all the nine provinces of the country.

ZANIS reports that Speaking when he addressed public meetings at Kabwe Kupela and Fikondo in Serenje’s Muchinga Constituency yesterday, Mr. Kunda said there was need for Zambians to entrust the leadership of the nation into the hands of people that can cause divisions among them.

Mr. Kunda, who is also Muchinga Constituency Member of Parliament, said President Banda has all that it takes to continue leading the country beyond 2011 because he is mature, fatherly and kind.

He said President Banda has proved to the nation and his critics that he is a performer and development oriented.

The Vice President said under the leadership of Mr. Banda, the MMD government has recorded many successes in the areas of education, health, infrastructure development among others.

“President Banda is serious. Under his leadership we have built schools, hospitals, roads, we are supporting our farmers through various programmes we have designed for them,” he explained.

Mr. Kunda further said President Banda needs the support of all progressive Zambians because he believes in doing things in an orderly manner.

The Vice President said unlike other leaders who embrace tribal tendencies, President Banda believes in the united Zambia in which citizens, regardless of their tribes view each other as brothers and sisters.

He disclosed that according to empirical studies done by scientists, there is overwhelming evidence that both the PF and UPND are tribal parties which only entertain people from the same region.

He said the two parties have achieved nothing but tribal hegemony.

And Mr. Kunda says the Lala speaking people and the rest of the people in Serenje district will forever remain grateful to President Rupiah Banda for honouring them with the position of Republican Vice president.

The Vice President said the people of his constituency and the Lala people in particular regard the honour as a sign of trust and confidence in them.

He called on all his constituents to continue supporting President Banda as a sign of gratitude for his gesture.

Mr. Kunda assured the people that Government will continue delivering on its promises because it cannot afford to take the people for granted.


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