Thank you KK, but speak more

Thank you KK, but speak more

KK with Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula

After a very long, very understandable, well deserved and respectable silence by our first Republican president His Excellency Dr Kenneth Kaunda, the country and the entire continent as well as the world, at large, woke up to some belated but consoling relief.
A very much missed voice of wisdom, historical and heritage importance. A missed call to duty. A missed link between the then and the now. A missed call.
Alas your Excellency, you only went as far as expressing your concerns about the topical issue regarding the threat to the rich ecosystem and resultant demage of the impending mining activities in and around the Lower Zambezi National Park. Thumps up to you sir, that was really passionate of you.

As much as it can be appreciated that some of the governance, or correctly put, the current PF mis governance rule, is not within your jurisdiction as past president, you can at least render a voice and condemn most of the current violation of human rights being perpetuted and being witnessed at the hands of the most brutal regime in the history of this country..
Sir just the same way you are condemning the impending violation of animal and environmental rights, help us and condemn the violations of our human rights and lives as Zambians.

Sir, the PF Secretary General is in Eastern Province for his party Membership mobilization. Red carpet and Police protection. Within the same Province and same time around, UPND officials are ambused and detained for doing the the same thing the PF Secretary General is doing. Is this the rich political ecosystem you can keep quiet about sir?

Sir, do you remember Harry Kalaba? Former PF respected Minister of Foreign Affairs. Now that he has crossed the party lines, he was teargassed yesterday just because he wanted to exercise and benefit from his constitutional rights of association and assembly.

Sir, people not associated with the ruling party have died and continue to die and sofar no one has ever been held accountable.

The most consoling relief is that, the whole world and in particular the State Department of America is taking note of these gross violations of the zambians human rights.

The American Government sanctions, through the State Department of USA, start with an individual, for example Minister of Home Affairs, POLICE Chief in their individual capacities. That’s the charter and mandate of the US State Department which says: To hold accountable OFFICIALS responsible for human rights abuse.
Meaning any Government official can be Kampyongonised in their individual capacities and be prosecuted for human rights abuse.
KK, please give us a SIGNAL..

Written Friday Kashiwa – Shiwangandu incoming MP
in the photo, KK and Mwaanga Mkumbula

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