Thank you Matero for holding peaceful demonstrations

Thank you Matero for holding peaceful demonstrations

protestersToo bad that the police were firing tear gas without considering the health of children and adult citizens. With the current situation in Zambia, I personally  think we are heading no where  as a country. Let  us keep praying for Zambia that we hold our peace and freedom that we enjoy on a daily basis and let it be forever. Few weeks ago, it was the beating @ BIGOCA church and now we  have the riots.

Too much corruption by the government controlled police is the cause of all this. I thank the people of Matero and mini bus drivers for not destroying anything by holding a peaceful demonstration. May the government listen to its people  and remember that its the same people who voted and they are the same people who are going to vote them out. Dear Watchdog I hope that through your media my cry will reach the government.

Kindly don’t publish my name.

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