Thank you PF for another wasted year of scandals


1. HRC report reveals that police deliberately tear gassed the students resident that resulted in the death of Vespers and critical injury of another student
2. PF tear gas Sesheke residents , not clear what property they were protecting in villages
3. PF member Jimmy Fingers and ZAF former commander implicated in property acquired from proceeds of crime
4. Government delay progress on the Kazungula Bridge due to non-payment of its funding contribution
5. Entire PF cabinet camps in Roan to campaign for the bye-elections
6. NDF shunned by most stakeholders as its legitimacy wanes
7. PF MP Lusambo donates K1.5million worth of goods disproportionate to his known income soruces
8. ZRA boss exposed as leaked audio reveals how he facilitates tax evasion for PF affiliated entities
9. FIC reports discloses the loss of K6.5 billion through illicit transactions
10. Nkandu Luo refuses to reopen CBU until CCTV is installed
11. Government publishes constitution amendment bill 10, including views not agreed by stakeholders
12. First lady heads a 25 man delegation to merely receive scrapped fire engines at a huge cost
13. PF awards NCZ a meager 15,000mt fertilizer production contract as foreigner entities get bulky export contracts for fertilizer.
14. ACC fails to reveal owner of 48 houses in Chalala believed to be acquired using corruption proceeds.
15. Mfuwe residents chase South African trucks arranged to capture and transfer wildlife – Government explanation vague.
16. Government degazzetes forest reserve no. 27 and shares land amongs senior officials with proper laid down procedures.
17. KCM award PF Copperbelt Chairman $730,000 contract despite lacking experience
18. EIA reveals that the president, his daughter, Lubinda and Kapata ran a Mukula smuggling cartel despite an export ban
19. High court allows mining in Lowers Zambezi based on a technicality – Government withdraw due to pressure
20. 80 Lechwe go missing from national park, later revealed to have been transfer to private ranch owned by President’s close associated Findley.


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