Thanks for state funerals; but what about strike at UNZA?

Dear Editor,
I want to put it on record that as Zambians we feel betrayed and deceived by the PF government. We are tired of this era of comedy where things of national importance are trivialized. Last week the senate at the University of Zambia did announce that the institution will not open as scheduled on the 24th of July, 2012. The reasons behind this are very clear that the government has faailed to satisfy the demands of the people who are working tiresly to lecture and research for the benefit of the nation. Surprisingly Sata is quiet on the prolems at UNZA.
Sata must be ashamed to be silent on the UNZA problems knowing that the poor students had so much hope in him. The moment Sata won the elections, UNZA students went to MUVI t.v and ZNBC to seek coverage as they were celebrating, ZNBC as if they knew there was nothing to celebrate, they shunned the students right at the gate, yes, in the middle of the night. Is it that Sata is not aware of the strike? Surely he is. But he opts to only comment on the death of Fr. Mwebe (MHSRIP) forgetting the welfare of the living, it is unfortunate.When will this era of comedy come to an end?
It is even more surprising that the Minister of Education, Phiri as you call him has no heart for education at all. He sits confortably in his offfice taking tea when the institution he was at not long ago is in a catastrophic situation. Does he forget so easly that he cannot remember the problems he experenced when he was lecturer at UNZA? The sin of forgetfullness made many Children of Israel not enter the promised land. The judgement which will fall on Dr. Phiri will reflect his negligence when called to duty.
I also wish to say, I wonder where those PF cadres who were wearing a mask for UNZA students when calling for Ernest Sakala’s resignation are. Those fellows must be ashamed now that the institution they are at cannot resume academic activities because of the government they worship. If there was a time those rascals would have spoken surely it is now. Where are they? They are quacks who would be happy to spend time in the street other than being in school because of the little coins the receive for Chibuku they drink in Kalundu so as to shower praises on the PF government.
Finally to our friends in the University of Zambia students Union (UNZASU), do you find it sensible to talk about judicial reforms (which you do not understand) but neglect the job we voted you for to speak out and act in a crisis like this one of a strike? If there was a time UNZASU was supposed to put pressure on the government, it is now. Ali Tunkara (UNZASU President) where are you? I wish to remind you that you had enough time to party, celebrate your victory. This is time to work, wake up young man, go to The Post, they covered you when you were talking about the three suspended judges, let them cover you and speak for the students who are greatly affected by the strike.
And to Sata, you are the President, give education the value it deserves. Speak out, it is not about declaring state funerals or persecuting political opponents, its time for service. If you do not U-turn, the rate you are doing things  at is very dangerous, you will lose popularity even more because you are already unpopular.
Concerned UNZA student, Delayed Mafosa (4th Year Student)

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