Thanks PF for all this!

Since 28 Jan 2013, I have not reviewed the list of successes that we need to praise the Patriotic Front Government under the able leadership of His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata. Lets give praise once again for new and precedented development.
These are:
1. Our clean streets in cities are nolonger choked with street vendors and litre
2. Our pockets, wallets are now bursting with more money

3. Now being one of the tenets of democracy, opposition leaders are allowed to assemble freely and feature on radio stations minus hindrance. ZNBC has become good on this one. When you pay it will show. 4. Mealie meal has recorded a historic cheap price of K85. Guys hats off to the PF.

5. The number of bags of fertiliser given to our peasants who feed us tripled this farming season 6. Labour day speeched are no longer written because workers are not suffering. A 1 minute address should be appreciated.

7. The size of very useful cabinet keeps reducing

8.With the advancement of technology presidential press conferences are now facebook based. Development projects can now be monitored via facebook
9. The numbers of jobs created have hit alarming levels we can even contain these blessings we have not enough room to store.

10.Its a governments full of vision, inspiration, competence & integrity. Just look at how truthful they have been. 90% of the campaign promises have already been fulfilled! Its awesome and terrific

11. We had a constitution within 90 days of PF in power

12. We now have learnt an additional language which puppies speak. Its called yapping.

13. Ourfuel is now less than a dollar per litre. 14. Of course i cant forget the development that pertains to very useful Ministers and very useful
MPs. Them debate real issues they dont just politic, them dont yap. They are saints and closer to angels.

15. Its unprecedented development to receive fertilizers in the first week of February 2014.

16. We now have the strongest kwacha ever. K6.5 to a dollar the the best thing that has happened to Zambia we look forward to mor development on this issue.

17. Who added sugar to raw sweet potatoes (ifyumbu) see now they have become to too sweet and soft they are
bending easily.

18. Cadres have been tamed they are no longer tools of violence. They don’t carry guns, catapults, metal rods, cutlasses/machetes/pangas, teasers anymore. They don’t were military fatigue at youth day celebrations any more. They are saints now.

19. We at least now know what was hidden in “donchi kubeba” Its developmento know the truth as it sets free.

20. What more would we want the police are now using minimum force to deal with members of the public.

There are no more shootings with live ammo. The list is endless. Ichi chatowa, taongela chomene ba PF, thank you very much, zikomo, twasakulila, twalumba, twasanta bingi, twatotela, liutumezi ahulu! Kwena Ushitasha bane mwana wandoshi; utalumbi mubwa! Utayandi acileke!

Yours concerned but thankful citizen.

G. Nachis


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