Thanks PF, Mealie meal prices rise in Luapula

Mealie meal prices have increased in Lunga District in Luapula Province.

ZANIS in Lunga District reports that prices for a 25 kilogramme bag of Breakfast is fetching  K125  while that of roller meal is K115
per bag.

The development has not only saddened the community but also that of authorities in the area as well.

Speaking in an interview in Kasoma Lunga Chiefdom at Multipurpose Hall, District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO) Ignatius Lusambo says prices on the commodity will only reduce in the District if government intervened by  setting  up a  Solar Milling Plants like in other district.

Mr. Lusambo said mealie meal prices have increased owing to high transportation cost of the commodity from the neighbouring Samfya District.

The DACO, however, noted that ever since Lunga was declared a District,  a number of small scale farmers and people have realized the importance growing maize but are hindered by lack of a milling plant to process their maize into mealie meal.

And one of the residents of Kasoma Lunga , who is a trader  told ZANIS in an interview that even though mealie meal prices have gone up, there is little or no profit due to escalating transport costs.

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