Thanks to Watchdog readers but take notice of changes

We thank all our readers from State House, Lundazi, Zimba, Luwingu, Mansa, Shangombo, Burundi, Oman to USA and from wherever you are for making the Zambian Watchdog what it is today.

We thank you for visiting this news website in 2011 and we hope you will continue scanning it in 2012. We wish you a prosperous ‘news’ year.

Whether you visited this website to look for news, to participate in the raging debates or to fight us, we thank you and hope you will be here in 2012.

We however wish to advise that as we enter the next year, we shall implement some changes to the news website as part of changes that have occurred internally.

The notable changes shall be on the comments our readers leave on the site. To cut on vulgarities and general abusive language, readers shall from January be required to register in order to pass a comment.

Specifically, readers will only be able to post a comment using their Face Book Account. If you don’t have a Face Book account but wish to continue participating and also be able to post your own articles, we encourage you to open one before January 2, 2012.

This change will certainly have an impact on the comments but we are convinced that it will improve the quality of debates. Fake Face book accounts shall be blocked.

Others changes will be noticed on the site but we thought you should know about this particular change.

We thank you and as people who strongly and truly believe in an open society where public leaders are held accountable, we appreciate the possibilities that the Internet offers.

We are happy that most Zambians  who are literate now get news from the internet. The Internet is making life hard for enemies of freedom of speech.


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