The 35 schools announced by Sata were planned by Rupiah Banda

The 35 schools announced by Sata were planned by Rupiah Banda

President Sata smiling

The 35 secondary schools President   Michael Sata announced that his PF will construct were planned and budgeted for by former president Rupiah Banda as part of the MMD’ massive infrastructural development.

The only thing Sata has done is to make sure that he moves most of the schools to Northern province.

‘All those schools were identified and planned for by RB in 2011 and were to be financed by the Eurobond,’ said a source close to the former president.

Under the MMD, the construction of the schools was to be distributed evenly across the nine provinces with each province getting four schools. Only Lusaka was to get three.

But Sata and his PF has given 8 schools to Northern Province under his Muchinga project and has moved one school from each province apart from the remaining Northern and Copperbelt province. He has also given Luapula 5 schools while the rest of the provinces get 3 each, that is if they will really be constructed.

Under Sata and his PF, the number of secondary schools earmarked for construction in the period 2012 to 2013 Province by Province is now as follows: Three (3) of the schools are in Central Province, Copperbelt (4), Western Province (3), Lusaka (3) and Luapula Province (5).

The rest are Eastern Province (3), Northern Province (4), Muchinga (4) North Western (3) and Southern Province (3).

The MMD had a well formulated plan of how to sell the Eurobond and knew what to do with the money once it was wired to Zambia.

But when the PF came into power, they rushed to get the money but upto now do not know how to use it and is still being kept (hopefully) at a special account at bank of Zambia.

But, the money being kaloba, the owners of the money have started counting the days before they starting getting the interest.

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