The 4000 ghost workers govt hoax

The 4000 ghost workers govt hoax



The was so much noise created by Smart Zambia Institute regarding the ghost workers. Mr Martine Mtonga, Smart Zambia National Co-ordinator was all over the news and credited himself for having discovered the so-called 4000 ghost workers on the Copperbelt alone. Well, it turns out that it’s a hoax – fake news. That 4000 included Kitwe DC, Binwell Mpundu and many hardworking civil servants who had been transferred to other parts of the country but had maintained Copperbelt as their pay point.

After the Payroll was run for the November salaries, the salaries for the purported ghost workers were not processed. After payday, these workers were forced to travel to Lusaka at Smart Zambia offices for them to be paid their delayed November salaries. It has since turned out that only a tiny fraction of that figure, are indeed ghost workers.

That explains why PF officials have suddenly gone quiet on this matter. Martine Mtonga, a Rupiah Banda protégé should apologies for alarming the nation. A young man at Cabinet office, an assistant director for PAYROLL by the name of Musopelo was even arrested to help police with investigations on the 4000 ghost workers. He spent about four nights in Police Cells and was released without charge. Many of his work colleagues were also harassed by Police and other government investigative wings who was sent by Mtonga. Martine Mtonga should apologise to this gentleman for the pain and irreparable damage he’s caused to the young man and his work colleagues. In serious countries, he should be considering his position by now, but in PF, these are the people that flourish. Gogo, Bo Inonge Wina should also apologise for misleading parliament on this matter.

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