The 48 houses scandal shows PF failure

The 48 houses scandal shows PF failure


By: Anthony Bwalya

When the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) released their mellowed down report detailing the potential criminalities at the hands of elected public officials and their associates in respect of corruption and other money laundering activities, the leadership of the PF; starting with the PRESIDENT himself, was unanimously scathing in attacking the credibility of the FIC Report and in rubbishing it’s findings.

The PRESIDENT called the report speculative and gossip as no one had been mentioned in the report. Mr. Lungu even suggested that the law should be changed to stop the FIC from spreading their gossip.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya called it speculative and full of rumour. She also went on to suggest that the law should be changed to stop the FIC from publishing lies.

The MP for Kabushi Constituency and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo called the report rubbish and that they were just wasting their time.

PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza said the FIC report was full of rumour and malicious suspicions and went on to call for the disbandment of the FIC, as well as the dismissal of it’s Director Mary Shumba.

The list is dismally long and just goes on and on.

Now, what we see here is a cataclysmic failure of judgement on the part of the country’s leadership. And when judgement fails, therein lies a failure of leadership.

PRESIDENT Lungu failed himself, his office and failed the people of this country when he came out scrambling on the side of criminals as opposed to taking the side of the people whose public resources have been stolen.

The case of the 48 houses was highlighted in the report. The President did not see anything wrong that an individual can build so many houses in addition to receiving K4 million worth of expensive automobiles.

But this is not the only case here. We also know the PF themselves are beneficiaries of improper money because they received K10 million from a private company in exchange for the award of a public contract (s). Are the PF denying this? No one has commented on this money and I am challenging them to deny that they – the PF, did not receive this money. If they did, then what services did they PF provide in order to be in receipt of such vast amounts of money?

But the leadership incompetence does not end here.

In the FIC report from the prior period, we saw how government officials facilitated the plunder of $42 million in Fire Tenders and yet no action was taken.

Today, PRESIDENT Lungu is all out fighting by issuing empty directives for Kampyongo to ensure that we know the true owner of the 48 houses when Stephen Kampyongo himself and his brother are purportedly at the center of the 42 Fire Tenders. What a joke.

Today, we hear that PRESIDENT Lungu is in North Western province for whatever reason, when we have reports of a gang of criminal elements terrorising legitimate owners of a mine in Mufumbwe. The only problem is that the mafia boss at the center of the criminality in Mufumbwe is a friend of the President. This guy has been to State House a lot of times.

So, what business does the the President have with such a man?

Our government is a captured GOVERNMENT.

The people’s GOVERNMENT is long gone. It does not exist.

The PF is an incompetent GOVERNMENT that has lost command of the ship.

The only sensible thing left for Zambians to do is to give them their matching orders.

PF must go.

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