The beating PF cadres by police means a lot

The unprecedented move by Zambia police officers to beat up PF carders in Sesheke on voting day has far reaching consequences and the wise can discern its true meaning.

We can decode that for free. It is a statement, a demonstration and warning against PF.

It means that the police and by extension soldiers are not happy with what is happening in the country. It has shown PF and its leaders that their hold on power using force is not sustainable. If police officers can defy and disregard orders from their commanders and do what looks right in their eyes, it means uprising is not far. If the police can beat up PF cadres, it means they can beat up anyone in PF. It has always been the case in history that when the police and defence forces get tired of being abused by politicians to do wrong things, they turn their guns on the same people ordering them to do wrong things. That is the meaning of what happened in Sesheke. The police are getting tired. Yes, those who hold political positions like the IG, deputy IG, commissioners and Police spokespersons will always deny and say all is well. But strictly speaking, these are part of the political establishment. They are part of the abusers. They are part of the problem. They are part of PF. Like politicians, they get hefty salaries. The real police are those who, like ordinary citizens, are affected by poverty, poor and delayed salaries. It is these who can bring government down. The same applies for soldiers. Forget about commanders. Those are politicians. It is the regular soldiers and junior officers who feel the pain with other citizens. If police are not happy with government, chances are that soldiers are too not happy. And it only needs a catalyst or justification like Sesheke to bring a revolution.

What happened in Sesheke will, for the remaining life of PF in power, remind them of where real power lies. PF cadres will from now onwards tread carefully and understand the phrase ‘boma ni boma’ differently.

As for minister of Home Affairs Steven Kapyongo, he witnessed first-hand what men and women in uniform can do. Having personally witnessed the battering of his cadres, he realised that the power he has is empty, transitory, illusory and borrowed. We all saw Kapyongo on ZNBC declaring that he would remain in Sesheke to help police make decisions. That was a day before his cadres were clobbered and fled Sesheke in shame.

We know the response by people surrounding president Edgar Lungu is to deny and say that no such thing happened. But that is self-deception. It is dangerous. The wise thing to do would be to learn something from such and take remedial actions. These remedial measures are simple: Stop stealing public funds, stop arming cadres to harm innocent people, stop promoting tribalism in the civil service and elsewhere, stop lying, pay workers well etc…It does not mean that you start witch-hunting the police. It can backfire big time.

. It is not possible to run a country using force and lies. It can work for a while, but it eventually fails and those who use force on innocent citizens are eventually brought to book. We have always said it and we shall say it again that the same police you are using to harass people and protect your stolen wealth will arrest you; it is just a matter of time.

We are just saying though.

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    Ehee 1 day ago

    Njimbu, you spoke like a prophet. Spot on. These got some innocent officers fired.

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    Guns n roses 3 days ago

    Zambian watchdog just loves to campaign for chaos. It’s like the watchdog is positioned to reap from confusion. Many a time ZW have predicted turmoil from the army yet we see nothing of the kind. You can oppose a government without advocating for bloody conflict or violence

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    KILOBO 4 days ago


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    Njangwamuloty 5 days ago

    Well, the next person who will be clobbered by the police or better still the army is Lungu himself, ona meno ahae angili ani corporal Kawana Hamubi Mushala konji akoyole mwa mulomo wahae.

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    Upnd is not violent please people. this people are lying to you ,one day you will recall

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    This is how evil UPND can be.Instead of just appreciating what the Police did by beating violent PF cadres in Sesheke,UPND is busy here puting the jobs of those police officers at risk.Whoever wrote this nonsense do not think at all.Look,the president via the IG knows the officers who beat up PF cadres by name and if president Edgar Lungu thought like the writer above,those officers would be jobless within a week.President Lungu preaches peace daily and encourages the police to arrest any violent cadre regardless of his or her political status in society.

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    jimmy shaba 5 days ago


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    Omangiwa sazibika……

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    Timothy Mwanza 5 days ago

    There’s a misconception on beating up of PF,UPND cadets.The police are beating up wrong doers,the perpetrators of violence.Furthermore,this violence happenings shall only be stopped by well meaningful Citizens.meaning that ALL Citizens in this country regardless of status. The President Lungu has preached preached preached many many more times to STOP misbehaving activities.violence I feel it’s very very very unfair to continue blaming President Lungu