The Best Breathtakingly Gorgeous Places In Africa To Explore

Every place on the earth is unique and has its specialty. You love a place for its locales, scenic beauty, or more. Some of these places would be exceptional for solo travelers, and others would be ideal for couples to spend their honeymoon. Some other places exist which would also be great for the seniors or family. Your idea of having fun also decides your choice of destination. It could be a place to sit by the pool or climb the mountains. Also, click here if you wish to play online casino games at Novibet. The site has some promising progressive and non-progressive slots on offer for you to try.

Whatever it is, if you have the desire to get all of these diverse travel destinations in one place, Africa should be on your bucket list. The continent has drawn people from all over the world thanks to the mysticism it offers. There are countries and cities, and even national parks and mountains all calling you to look now.

Let us check the best destinations in Africa and note their specialties.


The fact that it had housed one of the earliest traces of civilization makes the country all the more unique. The Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx have been so extraordinary that we have grown up listening to lores about how the Pharaohs were buried under them. Furthermore, we know mysticism thanks to popular movies and pulp fiction surrounding the same. Do not forget to go on a cruise ride down the Nile as it would be a one-of-a-kind moment. Luxor is as famous as Cairo among the tourists for several reasons, like the presence of the Karnak Temple and more.

Don’t think that you cannot enjoy the beaches anywhere as Hurghada is a wonderful destination to check out for the same. All said, Egypt is enchanting for sure.


If a place is synonymous with natural beauty, it must be Kenya. This East African country has high mountains and calderas besides offering the Great Rift Valley. The biggest attraction is Masai Mara National Reserve. A significant wildlife corridor draws photographers and naturalists to see the Serengeti beauty in the savannah grasslands. The African Masai tribal people also are intrinsic to this natural beauty. Tsavo National Park is another highlight in Kenya, famous for its elephants that move around in herds. Lake Nakuru National Park has become a specialty thanks to its Flamingo population. If you want to see more of this part, go ahead to Nairobi National Park. It has the best herds of buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, and other animals in the wild.


How can one think of the exotic places in Africa and not think of the breathtaking Victoria Falls? The 108-meter high fall is massive and can give you the best views and a once-in-a-lifetime view. Get ready to observe the falls up close and personal. Other places worth spending time in Zimbabwe include Chinhoyi, Gweru, Matabo National Park, and others.


Mount Kilimanjaro tops the list of places to visit in Tanzania. The highest peak of Africa has a snow-capped peak waiting for the traveler in you to hike up. The place is an excellent delight for photographers and trekking enthusiasts alike. You can check the Serengeti National Park, where lions and zebras co-exist. In short, there is a high chance of you spot hundreds of species of animals and birds alike. Be ready to see scores of tourists all year round but especially from June and September. Zanzibar is another part of Tanzania, drawing scores of tourists every year with reason. You can find crystal clear stretches of white-sand shores. Moreover, the Pemba and Zanzibar islands beaches have become the hub for leisure-seekers.

Cape Town

South Africa feels like a different part of the world. You can come across major cities, and quaint villages all tucked neatly down south. The biggest attraction is Table Mountain, National Park. The unique flat-topped mountain is a specialty you should not miss as it houses the most authentic species of baboons and birds. The mountain also has gorgeous flowers and natural beauty that you may not find elsewhere. You may select to go on a walk across the short trails.

You may even try to scale the mountains, and it would be perhaps the best feeling ever. Clifton and Camps Bay beaches are great for those who love a mixture of the mountains and sand. You will also love the First Beach, where you can go for a round of beachball. The Camps Bay beach is a favorite of the young ones. You may want to experience modern city life in Africa, and in that case, head out to Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. These neat wharves have everything that your modern life needs. You can come across posh restaurants, bars, clubs, and museums. Tourists here look forward to enjoying it a lot more because you can get a multicultural approach here.


Here again, natural beauty precedes the cityscape. Though you have modern amenities, Rwanda is famous for the Nyungwe National Park, Volcanoes National Park, and others. The Mountain gorillas here are gorgeous, and you can even go on tours to look at these National parks.

Africa is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and history. Nature has been kind to the continent, and the people are also taking care of the same. This harmony reflects in their culture and their overall love for nature. Check these out, and you will want to get more of the continent. Enjoy the beauty of Africa at its natural best. It is not possible to visit all in a single trip, but the continent has the best range for you to explore in one lifetime or perhaps even beyond. As we said, Africa is one precious continent, where people of all ages will find something attractive

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