The Cases of Lawal and Oke are Under Investigation

The Cases of Lawal and Oke are Under Investigation

The situation in the government has become very heated. The matter concerns money laundering at the head of Babachir David Lawal.

He is suspected of appropriating N200 million granted to the Global Vision Limited. Another suspect is Ayo Oke. The chairman of the National Intelligence Agency is accused of embezzling $43.4 million.

Naij Nigeria reports that the two officials are expected to be replaced. The Investigating Committee handed reports of its findings in to President Muhammadu Buhari. The President leaves the country on 7 May for a medical examination.

The government has already begun to look for law-abiding replacements. The findings are said to be publicly revealed. After the occurrence Mr. Lawal and Oke are unlikely to hold governmental offices again. However, there were signs of supports for Mr. Oke: “Everyone would say that Ayo Oke is a highly-regarded person in circles of the Presidency.” The request of his return has been sent.

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