The cobra strikes; Sata allows cadres to insult Mwatakazembe

Paramount Chief of the Lunda people of Luapula, Mwatakazembe is paying heavily for having worked with the then government of the day, ailing dictator Michael Sata has continued to unleash PF cadres who are also subjects of the Mwata to insult him.

Mwansabombwe PF district chairman Humphrey Lukwesa has accused the Mwata of belonging to the opposition MMD, he said the Mwata vigorously campaigned for MMD candidate Criticles Mwansa in 2011.

The PF aligned Post newspaper quotes Lukwesa as saying “it is a lie for the Mwata to say that he has been PF. He vigorously campaigned for MMD in 2011. Why did he campaign for Criticles Mwansa who was MMD if indeed he was PF? We remember very well how he decampaigned honourable Rogers Mwewa. We can’t buy into those lies,”

Reliable PF sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the cadres are being used by President Sata in his vengeful actions and hatred for the Mwatakazembe just like he hates the Chitimukulu and some other chiefs.

“That Lukwesa boy is insulting the Mwata with full blessings of President Sata. Even Honourable Nixon Chilangwa’s offer to reconcile PF and the Mwata won’t work because the late Sakeni tried but he was told off by Sata and that is how he gave up and even died a bitter man. Sakeni personally loved the Mwata and wanted to reconcile them (with Sata) but Sata has an unforgiving heart all he wants is the Mwata to go and ‘leak his feet’ at state house” said a well placed PF source.

Meanwhile home affairs deputy minister Chilangwa has admitted the differences with the Mwata and has offered to reconcile the parties, he says Mwata helped the PF heavily including opening his palace for political matters at awkward times. Ironically PF’s Rogers Mwewa won the Mwansabombwe constituency seat which houses the Mwata’s palace in 2011.

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