The day Chama found his wife in bed with a kaponya


A concerned citizen has asked whether PF Secretary General Davies Chana has recovered from the shock he underwent when he found his wife making love with another Kabwe based businessman who sells maize.

While we wait for Chama’s response to the concerned citizen and showing respect to his former wife Melody Muamba we will withhold the name of the businessman who was found ready stuck on top of her.

We know Melody is a frustrated person and did what she did not because she is a promiscuous person but rather because of wanting to hit back at Chama’s promiscuous life and inability to take care of any of his children.

Kabimba may have made many errors but certainly he was not at fault when he fired Chama from the position of Lusaka province chairman because Chama has failed to maintain his family and how can he manage a party. He doesn’t even have a home of his own but spends nights in his Lusaka Avon guest house. We also know how he got the Avon guest houses but first we want to hear from him if he has recovered from the shock.

We await the answer by the end of today before we unleash the chain of girls he is dating and even the rape attempt he had on one Journalist from Richard Sakala’s ‘Millenium Radio’. There is also a child he recently fathered with a Lusaka City Council police woman.

The ball is in your court Mr. Davis Chama

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