The day Sata ‘discovered’ a dead body in Nyimba and other sacrifices

The day Sata ‘discovered’ a dead body in Nyimba and other sacrifices


I have being watching from the side-lines for a long time, but I feel its time to face reality. I see the president`s message on Facebook on 19-03-2014 is about love and I agree.

My problem is, you cannot have a hate foundation and expect a love house. Prior to 2011 election there was so much hate directed at former president Rupiah Banda (RB). , I am not saying that RB was an upright person NO (he can go to jail if he is found guilty, I for one I don’t care), you can dislike ones leadership style or not agree with one. But you don’t have to hate someone to death when you disagree with them. The question is whose hate were you flowing on in 2011 elections? ask yourself.


Firstly let me put it straight up. There was a big huge accident along Great East road during RB`s rule.  (July 30th 2011) . Apparently Sata with a post reporter young man Chellah (now Sata`s press aide) visited the accident site many days after the accident and discovered a dead body which was `forgotten`.

I will tell you now, that body was planted there (was killed some place else where and brought to that site for rituals). This is inside information. You may doubt and disagree.  Did you hear the attack on RB after Sata `discovered` that body? See the story here:

You pull that article from the post and read. The dead body which “discovered` was later never identified or claimed by anyone. To date that body lays in an unmarked grave with no name.

The question is why? And is this the same great East Road which continues to have serious bloody sucking accidents, coincidence? You who are learnt but stupid you will disagree that there is always spiritual influence to everything on earth Godly or otherwise.

Fred Mmembe, Sata and Ba KK were in that ritual. And as long as Sata rules, blood will be required. That is why RSTA will do nothing about the current road accidents countrywide and all those new roads coming are meant to increase blood sacrifices.

If you disagree I challenge you to investigate and ask question with your eyes open.

Sata is being driven by blood, believe it or not. Gabriel Nalambwe had to sacrifice a portion of his family for him to have it sweet and easy in Sata`s government.

See story here:

Richard Taima was not brave enough  to donate blood.  Masumba tried but it was not enough but thanks to Mmembe who has taken him under his wings hence the retreat to India certainly not a Christian retreat.

Mark my words Edifyy Hamukale that vocal PF cadre (ex UPND) will be rewarded by Sata soon, he has offered his sacrifice.

This is not malice or gossip people, these are things which happen in the dark when you are asleep or right in front of you if you are stupid to see.

Mark my word again! In the murder case of PF cadre Chanda in Livingstone, no one will be convicted it will die a natural death.  Connected to that, mwaliteta`s cook was murdered in the presence of Mwaliteta himself,  Lawrence Evans (current Livingstone PF MP) and was  murdered by one money changer found at rite shop area today.

Mwaliteta`s cook was not enough for the ritual of acceptance (acceptance of Evans by the people of Livingstone) to be performed. That’s why Chanda was also killed. Rigging and blood were used there

Just in case you still have doubts, pull that picture of Fred Mmembe and KK greeting `head to head or forehead to forehead`. That pictures carries a heavy message.  Fred Mmembe is too young to greet Ba KK in that manner. It has never been done by anyone ever in history

That picture is also what happened in Kabwe in the dark when those two folded Zambia and put IT into the hands of Sata. Why Kabwe? research why Kabwe was important to KK.

Finally, I would like to challenge Pastor Nevers Mumba if that vision prior to the multi party election in which he Pastor Nevers Mumba claimed that he saw a bloodshed if MMD won but that bloodshed was to be avoided if Christian prayed. Pastor if that vision was from God, drop to your knees and pray seek God`s wisdom, Zambia must be Saved!

Yours Umitima wandi

Withhold my email but you can print my name Umutima I will back with more.


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