The day the “Ukwa Bag of Mutototo and Marijuana” was Intercepted?

By a Correspondent

Sometime last week it was reported on the Zambian Watchdog news site (and quoting The Post Newspaper as the source) that the Drug Enforcement Commission intercepted criminal activities involving state house police officers and some “unknown drug suppliers” who have been servicing state house with marijuana and mutototo-a traditional male sex enhancing drug. As per tradition and within the Zambian journalism circles, the story is about to die a natural death without knowing how the case on police officers safe-guarding the presidency of this country should be involved in the uptake of illicit drugs such as marijuana. I have also been asking myself a few questions regarding this unique case and top on the list is, “whose contraband was it?”

Was it really for the police officer? It’s possible but let’s not rule-out the other possibilities. What if someone at statehouse was using the police officers as a conduit of drug supply? It is possible that a senior officer working from statehouse has a chronic ailment so painful that marijuana helps to relieve the painful symptoms. Prostate cancer perhaps?  After all, Peter Tosh sang in his “Bush Doctor” and “Legalise it” songs that marijuana is a cure for cancer.  Perhaps this person at state house took the song seriously. This person because of the chronic but painful ailment may also fail to function sexually. And so enters mutototo in grand style especially if he suspects his wife to be having a sexual affair with a man younger than him. But I am just shooting in the dark. Here is the main reason why I feel the contraband was for someone more senior than the police officers “caught in the act.”

Simple! You have got to be nuts to transact in drugs at state house. It is just unthinkable suicide! The president is the most guarded individual in Zambia and statehouse is full of surveillance systems both electronic and manual. There is no way that all systems could have been compromised to allow for marijuana transactions to take place with so much impunity. And how come all police officers on duty could have been daga smokers and mutototo users? What are the odds? Think about your workmates, how many do you suspect to be drug users? All of them in your cubicle? Chances are that less than two will be on drugs. You won’t know for sure but even in boarding schools where it’s somewhat liberal and straight-forward to know who “bailaz” among classmates and dorm mates, chances are that less than 10% of them will be on chamba. So how did it turn out that ALL policemen on duty would take turns to buy the two underground products? It makes very little sense unless they were buying on behalf of a someone who has a public life that it would be difficult to do so himself.

If I was a policeman and wanted someone to supply me with dagga, I wouldn’t choose statehouse as a venue. Too risky. Similarly if I was a drug pusher and wanted to supply a client, I wouldn’t do it at state house. Too risky. I would choose a much safer place. Maybe arcades, mandahill, levy junction, night clubs or even my house. The only reason I would transact at a place like statehouse is if I have the blessings of someone senior there.

And how do you explain The Post newspaper publishing a story with such damaging effects to state house? It doesn’t add up especially with The Post having planted their ever-barking Chihuahua in the name of  George to ensure that only positive images come out state house. Unless someone close to the end-user (and also involved in GBV) knew about this arrangement but because their relationship has soured, he decided to alert DEC in a bid to cause embarrassment on this high profile drug user. The only reason The Post were in a hurry to publish this was to ensure that radical online news media didn’t get a hold of the story and publish it ahead of them. DEC were also quick to bury this story. Why didn’t they call a flamboyant press conference like they always do with such high-profile breakthroughs? Why make the story exclusive to The Post newspaper?

There is more to this story than meets the eye but unfortunately, Zambians and the world will never know the reasons why security personnel for the most fortified place in Zambia got entangled in a very strange case (not only once) of drug trafficking in front of the numerous security cameras.

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