The Falling of Babylon MMD

Written by Barotse Times staff-It is music to Katele Kalumba’s ears as he rocks the airwaves with: Manyando a mwana mushimani. “I have been a musician since childhood” he says, and Chairman Mabenga knows not the hour. There is uncertainty in the entire party and its government.

They run through files in panic, trying to cover all schemes and scums as Rupiah is merry making and fixing his health. It’s not possible!: he thinks. It can’t! How? Lozis won’t go with the UPND/PF pact, how? What about our alliance-the horse rider relationship!!!oh yes, the vice presidency issue…

Still ridding and Aka is happy and so is Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika. Not worried. Sweet talk plus sugar, will do the miracle and all will be well again. Besides it’s about being a sole candidate: dreams continue.

Dreams are nice and reality is cruel. Today MMD is like Babylon. It is not built like Jerusalem-compact firm upon a hill. No! Mpombo saw it coming. Even as Minister of defense then, he could not defend himself from the wrath of the Monkey.

MMD’s ground has shifted, mistrust in the rank and file of the party is deepening. Only state resources hold the party together and each one for themselves with their own secret exit strategy. Reservations for parliamentary seats continue and soon Rupiah will be left alone. “That is what time does. The hour for change has come and definitely Babylon is falling and the suffering of the valley will now come to pass and I see the coming of a new Zambia.” remarked a Lusaka based clergy once very close associate of the MMD. “Is freeing the corrupt and firing those fighting corruption such as Nkole keeping the mwanawasa legacy?” Maybe Zambians are too forgetful as President Mwanawasa stated at one point, but RB will fall to the hard ground that not even rigging will save him.

For the thefts and corruption, adequate defense is required because justice is already at the door step. In a report filed by a named officer from the special branch, the Government has paid a number of people to destabilize the alliance. “the problem the system has is that they don’t know who will lead the pact. Their eyes are not only of Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Sata, no! they are also saying suppose this is a repeat of what happened between Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and Hurry Mwaanga Nkumbula in which Dr. Kaunda become the compromise candidate. The system is jittery.” he added.

Meanwhile information reaching the Barotse Times indicates that RB has discontinued most economic projects started by the Administration of levy Mwanawasa in Western and Northwestern provinces. These include among several the road construction and oil mining projects.

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